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World’s first “embeddable DEX” Algoswap launches on Algorand

Algoswap is a world’s first, “embeddable DEX” that aims to disrupt the way traditional markets exchange cryptocurrencies. The Algorand blockchain was developed specifically for this project, and has been thoroughly tested in industry with many successful projects already completed on it.

Algorand is a “world’s first” “embeddable DEX” that launched on Algorand. The company has been working on the project for over two years now and it will be going live in Q2 of 2019.

A customisable embeddable DEX platform has been successfully designed and implemented by Headline Inc, a top Algorand blockchain firm.

Algoswap is a platform that will let any user/developer to connect their dApps on the Algorand Blockchain with only a 7-line piece of code.

To enable improved scalability and a range of additional features and functions, Algoswap will be compatible with all major web platforms, including Joomla, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, WordPress, WebFlow, Django, Gatsby, Ghost, and Drupal.

What sets Algoswap apart from the competition?

Algoswap was created to provide the core functions of a decentralized exchange with little to no scripting, enabling users to quickly and easily create their own DEX platforms. Furthermore, the Algorand Blockchain ecosystem has extensive Web 3.0 implications that developers may easily implement.

Algoswap has also been integrated with other Algorand-based applications, including play-to-earn games, NFT collecting homepages, and decentralized analytics tools, to improve scalability and dependability.

Due to its near-perfect technicality, such as Algorand’s layer 1 proof-of-stake blockchain protocol, Algoswap’s flawless DEX functionality could only be implemented on the Algorand blockchain. Aaron Matinez, the founder of Algoswap, echoed a similar view, saying,

“On other chains, this (AlgoSwap) would be almost impossible. Algorand’s technology is unrivaled. Zero forks, zero downtime; one of the industry’s best core protocol teams. Many people refer to Algorand as the “smart chain.” However, protocol alone would not be sufficient to make this (AlgoSwap) viable. TinyMan, another team, created one of the cleanest and most efficient single-source AMM DEXs on the market. Its smart contracts (TinyMan DEX) are very reliable. In a word, AlgoSwap expands the TinyMan AMM liquidity pools by giving a brand-new, completely customisable no-code DEX solution, allowing anybody to construct their own DEX.”

Headline Inc, which was founded in 2020 and is based on the Algorand Blockchain system, is an Algorand-Foundation award-winning enterprise. It primarily serves as a news organization as well as a software development firm tasked with creating new mechanisms and platforms to help Algorand scale to new heights.



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