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Top 5 Upcoming NFT Drops to Watch This Week (13th Dec to 19th Dec)

The frictional-costs of traditional trading are being undercut by decentralized exchanges. The number of tokens available to trade has increased exponentially, with new ones popping up every week – and our list is not even a comprehensive one!
Hopefully this guide helps you pick some great NFTs for your portfolio.

The “upcoming nft projects 2021” is a list of top 5 upcoming NFT drops to watch this week. The article will also include the date, time and price for each project on the list.

While the cryptocurrency industry is undergoing yet another huge downturn, the NFT market is once again lighting fire. With ETH plummeting by more than 10% last week, the top collections have returned to their prior all-time highs. The correlation is a big factor in the NFT market’s movements.

Despite the fact that the tokens are cooling off, the metaverse-based NFT assets are increasing at a rapid rate with no signs of slowing down. While several collections seem to be doing well in the NFT market, one sticks out. Clone X is the one and only. We previously highlighted RTFKT studios’ avatar-based NFT project. The price of Clone X avatars skyrocketed after Nike announced their acquisition of the digital NFT brand, setting new highs.

This demonstrates how swiftly the NFT field is expanding and maturing into one of the most important digital phenomena of the year, if not the decade. Nike’s entry into the metaverse, as one of the world’s most well-known companies, is a significant step forward. It suggests we’re getting closer to widespread acceptance. And that’s good news for the market as a whole.

With the present market circumstances, money is flowing back into solid NFT initiatives that are focused on community and utility. As a result, there are many chances in the market for new buyers and scalpers. In this weekly roundup, we showcase the best 5 NFT collections to keep an eye on. Let’s get this party started.

Dem Apples, No. 1


I try to include fresh ideas and collections by established artists in these weekly selections on a regular basis. Dem Apples stood out to me when I was researching for this essay. A one-of-a-kind NFT collection with over 125 qualities will be released shortly.

I also stress the value of having an experienced artist in charge of the whole production. Griffin Goodman is the artist behind Dem Apples, or should we say “Apple Seed Geneticist.” Griffin is a promising young artist who earned his MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago. In addition, he is exhibiting his work in solo exhibits and group exhibitions in Chicago, Japan, and Florida. His work may be seen here.


The website sets forth comprehensive but reasonable expectations for the project in the following weeks and early 2022 in terms of a plan. The team intends to provide tangible reproductions of Dem Apples NFTs to ten fortunate community members. This is after 10% of the stock has been sold out. Edible apples will be distributed to NFT holders in the community when 50% of the harvesting is completed. The owners may also choose the charity they wish to support.


Finally, a chosen few NFT holders will be offered a studio visit with Griffin himself when the harvesting process is completed. Owners will also have unique opportunity to meet Griffin during the opening week, as the outstanding artist has a number of events scheduled for the next year. By this time, the team promises to have increased the community fund to 26.5 ETH. They will also recommend that the community as a whole decide on which charity to contribute to.

What you should know

  • Twitter has 1,485 followers.
  • 975 Discord
  • 0.05 + ETH (Mint Price)
  • Per transaction, the maximum amount of money that may be spent is $20.
  • Mint Date: December 22nd, 2021

#2 Grifters by XCOPY async art blueprints


XCOPY, one of the founding fathers of crypto art, is releasing a blueprint collection on the Async generative art platform. This fantastic collaboration exemplifies how large-scale generative art may be produced. BAYC and Crypto Punks are two instances of generative art.

If you wish to possess one of those PFP-style NFTs, you should look at XCOPY’s collection. This is a limited edition set created by the famed artist who uses a PFP-style collection to capture people’s feelings.

“Discovering crypto in and of itself was amazing,” he continues. It was crucial to be able to’sign’ my work and make it collectable. The friendships developed with collectors were an unanticipated side effect. I’m inspired by the intersection between art and cryptography. It’s like the beginning of a new world.”

The artist says the NFTs will symbolize his crypto experience and that no guide or usefulness would be included. The rarity of these NFTs, on the other hand, will allow them to be resold at a premium price in the future.

What you should know

  • Twitter has 40,600 followers.
  • Discord has a total of 5,371 users.
  • 0.25 ETH Mint Price
  • The maximum number of editions is 666.
  • The public sale will take place on December 16, 2021.

#3 Immutable X Blockology


The Blockology Foundation is releasing its 10K genesis collection with the goal of creating Culture 3.0 in the metaverse using NFTs. The team is focusing heavily on creating one of the best communities in the NFT sector, with NFT owners serving as the metaverse’s primary influences.


More than 300 hand-drawn traits will be included in the NFT collection. There are six different ways to rank these Blockologist Cyborgs. It begins with DE II and ends with DE VII.

In terms of the plan, we notice nothing out of the ordinary save the project launching on Immutable X, which means there will be no gas taxes, making it more accessible to novices to the business. The team’s first objectives are to develop a strong online community and expand Blockology’s visibility in the Metaverse.

What you should know

  • Twitter has 9,451 users.
  • Discord has a total of 6,563 users.
  • 0.07 ETH + GAS at the Mint
  • The maximum number of NFTs per address is 20.
  • Date: December 16, 2021



Right now, virtual lands are selling for absurdly high prices. Some of it may be linked to the metaverse mania, with NFTs acting as the backbone of it all. With this in mind, I put together a special collection aimed at providing the finest virtual experiences for metaverse and NFT aficionados.


Nanopass is made up of 5,555 virtual lands NFTs produced at random from 22 distinct base sets. The five archetypes are Cyberpunk, Eastern GM, Spacestation, Underworld, and Fantasy. Each of these places is a distinct location in the ultimate metaverse. In addition, when compared to other initiatives in the same field, the quality is greater.


The black boxes are my favorite part of this project. Every week, a black box containing valuable products and NFTs will be sent to each landowner. As an added benefit, NFT holders will have a pre-sale access to all future drops. These nanopasses are now useless, but after PROJECT SUBNET is completed, we may see further membership perks.

What you should know

  • Twitter has 61,000 users.
  • 0.08888 ETH + GAS (Mint Price)
  • Mint Date: December 16th, 2021



Cybernites is the fifth and final collection to reach our top five list this week. It’s a 3D digital collection created by Kate Ryab, a well-known British artist. Each NFT stands out in terms of species diversity, with seven distinct categories.

Because the owners have a chance to win Tesla 3s, the initiative is likely to succeed. If a person purchases more NFTs, their chances of winning a Tesla and other unique bonuses increase.

We don’t have much utility in terms of the roadmap, but there is a lot of community building. Many seasoned experts have joined the team to assist establish a passionate and engaged community in the NFT field. As a result, they aim to give away a lot of money and redistribute ETH among early backers and Cybernites owners.

The team will reward all owners with three Cybernites NFTs with a free airdrop after 6,666 NFTs have been sold. Following the achievement of 10,000 purchases, a private DAO will be formed to debate future ideas for developing an interactive Cybernite game.

What you should know

  • 7.930 followers on Twitter
  • Discord has a total of 16,837 users.
  • 0.1 ETH + GAS on the Mint
  • Mid-December is the date.

Final Thoughts

While it seems to be a favorable moment to join the NFT market, be wary of enterprises that make great claims but provide little. The projects listed above feature excellent artwork and a fantastic crew. Before you go all in, chat to a few people in the community to check whether everyone is on the same page. It will make it clear where the project is going.

That’s all I’ve got for today. I hope you were able to find something you like. I’ll be back with more NFT collections next week.


Karthikeya Gutta, a crypto writer and freelance contributor for ItsBlockchain, was born and raised in India. With in-depth analysis and research, he covers many facets of the sector. His enthusiasm for blockchain and the crypto ecosystem stems from his belief that it has the potential to transform the world and benefit millions of people.

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How do I know if I have NFT drops?

A: The only way to know for sure is to check the Offering section of the Community Market. If you see a listing for NFT drops then that means someone has put something on hold in your stead and it will be available when they decide to release them from holding.

How do I get a NFT drop?

A: NFT drops will be rewarded to the users who contribute more. The contributors are not limited by how much they contribute, but rather their activity in contributing and which game they contributed on.

How do I create a NFT token?

A: NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens. A token is created by transferring ownership of a digital asset to an ERC20 compatible smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, which then allows you to trade that digital asset across exchanges and with other users.

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