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The Special Forces soldier-turned artist wants to promote peace and environmental protection

The artist creates intricate works of art made from recycled materials and collected food. He also donates a percentage of sales to the United Nations for environmental protection and humanitarian aid.

Shepard Fairey artworks is an artist who wants to promote peace and environmental protection. He has created a series of paintings that are meant to inspire people’s thoughts on the issue.


Bran Symondson is a one-of-a-kind artist, not only because he was a British Special Forces soldier sent to war-torn Afghanistan at the height of the conflict, but also because he is the sole sculptor launching a magnificent NFT collection on December 19th.

Bran is perhaps one of the most well-known NFT artists, despite the fact that many of his sculptures are part of expensive collections owned by Sir Elton John, the Chapman Brothers, and the Prince of Bahrain, to mention a few.

Last Friday, December 10th, I had the pleasure of meeting him in London at the House of Fine Arts Museum, where his interesting “Kalash 47 – Arm to Disarm” exhibition was on its last day.

I went over to where he was and introduced myself as soon as I came into the HOFA gallery. He gave me a single glance and asked me to tell him my tale.

“Because today is about you,” I informed him, “I don’t want to go into my lengthy and tragic tale.” But he persisted, so I gave him a synopsis of my career as a journalist since 1984, including my undercover work for the Associated Press investigating drug gangs.

“I also wrote on Carlos Salinas, the president of Mexico. He defrauded the public of $10 billion. Years later, the Mexican government abducted, tortured, and imprisoned me for my job as a journalist,” I told him, staring into his eyes and thinking to myself, “This is a person who, like me, has seen hell and back.”

And I believed that before discovering that Bran had a highly praised show called “The Best View of Heaven Is from Hell” at the Idea Generation Gallery (now The Proud Archivist). It was all starting to make sense. We had an unspoken agreement.

“One day, the Taliban launched an all-out assault on us. Bullets were falling down on our heads. “The first thing I noticed as we jumped into a ditch was this young Afghan National Police soldier with a nice grin, signifying tranquility, clutching his AK-47 covered with pink stickers,” Bran said.

“That’s when the penny dropped for me, and I understood I wanted to be an artist, and I wanted to use the world’s deadliest and most iconic weapon as my canvas,” he added.

Bran and I agreed that life is much too short to dwell on the unpleasant aspects of it, and that our traumatic experiences do not define who we are, so we opted to concentrate only on his career as an artist.

The Sunday Times said that Bran had already been photographing in Afghanistan. Years have passed. He was regarded as one of the most talented reportage photographers of the twenty-first century. David La Chapelle, Nadav Kander, and Gavin Bond were among the photographers with whom he began his career. His first award came from the National Portrait Gallery’s Schweppes Photographic Portrait Prize in 2003.

Bran SymondsonThe creator of the NFT series, Bran Symondson

As a result, when the light bulb went out for him in 2007, the transfer from photography to sculpture was not difficult. Bran started refining the idea of his images at that point, despite the fact that he was under fire. He created the pioneering gun makeover with his sellout exhibition “AKA Peace,” in which he took decommissioned AK47 rifles from active combat zones and artistically embellished them with butterflies, dollar notes, and symbolic elements.

He enlisted the help of artists such as Damien Hirst, Gavin Turk, Antony Gormley, and the Chapman brothers to realize this vision of creating works for a good purpose.

He hopes to promote awareness of climate change, environment, bee extinction, and peace with his AK-47 artwork. Greenpeace and art enthusiasts all around the globe have taken notice of the goal behind his work and generosity.

Kalash 47 is a group of weapons.

Bran conveys his opinion that, despite the unseen disasters and wounds left by global battles, there is always hope in this thought-provoking compilation. If societies, humanity, and environment are maintained and not ignored, they can thrive once again. Even if it is far from simple, nature and prosperity may thrive in regions where metal weapons have left their imprint.

It took six months of planning and design to guarantee that each of the 2,047 digital collectibles in the Kalash 47 – The Art to Disarm NFT collection had the same quality and passion that Bran exhibits via his physical artwork. Whether it’s the background, a butterfly, or a laser coming out of the barrel, each Kalash 47 NFT is unique.

“Kalash 47 is a symbol for a lot of things, much like a school bag full of badges or a laptop full of stickers. “It’s about things you believe in, about topics that are dear to your heart,” Bran explains. “I’ve approached this collection in the same way. It’s more than a JPEG… it’s a personal photograph.”

Bran’s real AK47 artworks make over half of the NFT collection, and many of them are now on display in galleries throughout the globe.

Kalash 47 — The Art to Disarm will be minted on Dropspace on Sunday, December 19, 2021 at 20:47 GMT. Prospective purchasers will need to have their wallet address whitelisted beforehand. Please visit Dropspace for additional information on the Kalash 47 – The Art to Disarm NFT initiative.



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The “shepard fairey inspiration” is an artist who was a soldier in the US military. He then decided to switch careers and focus on painting and environmental protection.

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