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Unleashing the power of asset ownership in DeFi with London Real host Brian Rose

Brian Rose, CEO of London Real and host of his own podcast on DeFi (Decentralized Finance), shares how the key to unlocking new opportunities for asset ownership lies in decentralizing trust.

London Real is a decentralized financial institution that aims to be the world’s first digital asset ownership platform. The London Real host, Brian Rose, will discuss how asset ownership can unleash the power of decentralization in DeFi.

In this week’s Cryptonites interview, London Real founder and host Brian Rose discusses how he is using his 15-year experience trading on the TradFi markets to educate people about DeFi. Rose “did a 180” in 2011 when he said goodbye to his Wall Street banker lifestyle and started broadcasting on YouTube.

In the ten years that Rose hosted London Real, he had over 1000 guests that were aired to 2 million subscribers, and some of them, he claimed, pushed him out of his comfort zone by teaching him new things and encouraging him to take action, which changed his life.

Rose chose to adopt the same strategy when he started his DeFi Academy, pushing individuals to decentralized exchanges (DEXes) with little sums, making them very uncomfortable so they could learn quickly.

Here are some of Rose’s most memorable remarks from the conversation, in which he discussed the future of DeFi, the disruptive potential of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and why looking at the gaming industry may give you a good idea of what’s coming next.

The gaming business and NFTs

“I believe that every artist should push themselves. When questioned about his thoughts on the newest NFT market trends, Rose replied, “There’s something you’re missing–that the fan wants–that you couldn’t offer in the past.”

While mentioning Raoul Pal, Rose said that he completely agrees with the former hedge fund manager’s viewpoint that NFTs should be adding value to fans rather than extracting it.

“We’ll see mistakes, bubbles and bursts, and then we’ll see things that blow our minds, where you’re like–wow, that’s five dimensions I never even understood–and that’s all going to be in NFTs,” Rose predicted, noting that in the current NFT market, “land grabs” that appear to be mistakes can be distinguished from “intelligent moves” that add value.

“I believe gaming is the prelude to all of this,” Rose asserted.

Alex Mashinsky, the founder and CEO of Celsius Network, explained how looking at the gaming industry may help us predict the future trajectory.

“They have individuals with identities, and tokenization has been going on for a long time.” He noted that “the gaming business is nearly well ahead of us,” and that “they have a peek of the Metaverse.”

A paradigm shift has occurred.

“I believe honestly–we simply need a true connection with our money–and that’s what owning Bitcoin, or even financing Ethereum on Aave, is–you it’s having a relationship with your money for the first time in your life, while previously the bank owned it.” “You were taught tacitly or subconsciously–you’re not clever enough for it,” Rose remarked, referring to Robert Kiyosaki’s best-selling personal finance book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Crypto, he claims, marks a paradigm change by providing asset ownership to the broadest possible range of individuals, while also empowering them on more than simply a financial basis.

“As soon as you can own an asset–which used to mean maybe real estate, maybe owning a business, maybe purchasing gold, but now you can own a token, and it’s already putting you in that mindset–my money works for me,” Rose said.

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London Real host Brian Rose discusses how the power of asset ownership in decentralized finance can be unleashed with a DeFi. Reference: brian rose.

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