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What Opportunities Does This New Funding Open Up For Open Co?

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Are you looking for ways to access consumer credit? Good news! Brazilian consumer credit startup Open Co has raised $115 million in a SoftBank-led investment round. This funding can pave the way for Open Co to offer consumers easier access to credit.

Unlock your financial freedom with Open Co!


Open Co., a Brazilian consumer credit startup, has secured a new round of funding totaling $115 million led by SoftBank Group. The new funding is intended to further expand the scope of Open’s consumer lending operation in Brazil, as it seeks to tap into the country’s underserved middle-class population.

The investment comes at a crucial time for Brazil’s economy. The nation begins to emerge from its worst-ever recession and its largest banks are dealing with rising delinquency rates and tighter regulations. Open Co will use the capital to expand into other areas to help increase access to financial services for those struggling due to economic turbulence.

From purchasing cars and furniture, to debt consolidation and even personal loans, Open Co plans to increase consumer credit availability by creating financial products designed specifically for various segments of Brazil’s market. The company already has a presence in eight other Latin American countries including Bolivia, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay.

Overview of Open Co

Open Co is a Brazilian consumer credit startup that recently raised 115 million dollars in a SoftBank-led investment round. Founded in 2014, the company provides credit to individuals and small businesses, offering loans of up to R$50, 000 (approximately US $11,400) with no external guarantor or paperwork.

To date, Open Co has served over 7 million customers, more than one third of whom are millennials.

The company has an extensive data infrastructure and sophisticated algorithms to assess risk and integrate the customer through various channels such as interbank transfer systems and ATMs. Open Co boasts excellent customer value scores and comparatively low default levels across its portfolio. These factors have enabled it to experience consistent growth year on year since its inception. As a result, it is well positioned for continued success in Brazil’s financial technology space for some time yet to come.

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Brazilian consumer credit startup Open Co raises $115M in SoftBank-led round

SoftBank Group Corp has made a substantial investment of $115 million in Open Co, a Brazilian consumer credit platform. The round was led by SoftBank and also included investments from Qatar Investment Authority, Dragoneer Investment Group, Ribbit Capital and Kaszek Ventures. SoftBank’s executive director Jeffrey Katz will join the board of directors at Open Co as part of the investment.

Open Co is a Brazilian consumer credit platform that allows people to access financial services in an accessible and affordable way. By offering integrated lending products through its platform, Open Co makes it easier for people to access financing without going through traditional banking institutions or lenders that require long time-consuming processes and high fees. Through its online platform, users can access easy-to-approve forms with low interest rates—with zero flow debt.

Given its mission to make financial services more accessible to the population, SoftBank’s investment in Open Co makes perfect sense as it can help further extend the reach of Open Co in Brazil and Latin America while providing greater transparency in the process and adding value for customers. This could be critical in helping revolutionaryize how lending markets work today while protecting users from high costs or risk.

Breakdown of the Investment

The SoftBank-led investment of $115 million was made up of $100 million from Vision Fund 2 and an additional $15 million from other investors including Harenshibata Co. (TSE: 7281) and Hikari Tsushin Inc. (TSE: 9435).

Open Co will be using the investment to scale its business operations in Brazil and hiring new staff to accelerate its product development strategy.

The funds will also help Open Co expand its lending product range to capitalize on the growing demand for consumer credit. It will also use the investment to develop new partnerships with banks, credit card companies, and other fintechs. This will enable Open Co to grow further by providing a wide range of services to meet customers’ needs across Brazil and Latin America.

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Benefits of the Investment

The most obvious benefit of Brazilian consumer credit startup Open Co’s recent $115M investment round is capital injection to help the company improve its services. In addition, this large sum of money will enable Open Co to expand its presence, develop innovative products and technologies, and reach more customers in different areas.

This investment comes with the advantage of gaining access to SoftBank’s expertise in finance, technology, and business operations, which could be invaluable for Open Co as they expand their global reach. Additionally, the funding will provide Open Co with strong financial partnerships that could speed up product launches or capitalize on new opportunities in emerging markets.

Finally, this investment round is led by SoftBank itself rather than another investor or VC firm — a very beneficial arrangement for Open Co since working with an experienced corporate partner can bring credibility and stability that would otherwise take time or additional resources to achieve on their own.

Open Co’s Future Plans

Open Co, a Brazilian consumer credit startup, has recently announced that it has raised $115 million in a SoftBank-led round. This latest funding brings Open Co’s total funding to over $200 million.

The company plans to use the investment to expand into new markets and improve its digital services. Open Co seeks to become Latin America’s ultimate financial wellness platform, providing consumers with information and diversified payment solutions.

In addition, Open Co is investing heavily in building an AI-powered credit scoring system for quicker loan approvals and expanded credit services for lower-income customers. With the capital invest from this round, the company hopes to expand beyond consumer lending into other consumer finance products such as mobile banking, payments, insurance and financial education services.

Overall, Open Co represents a significant opportunity for SoftBank and investors to capitalize on consumer finance growth in Latin America while also driving innovation in the region’s technology and financial services sector. The company is currently working on partnerships with various regional institutions that can provide access and capabilities across sectors such as banking and payments. This will help them establish themselves as a leader in this space.

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Impact of the Investment

The new funding round represents a significant milestone for Open Co, a Brazilian consumer credit startup initiated to offer flexible financing options to Brazil’s emerging middle class. The investment will further enable Open Co to expand its operations and fulfill its mission of expanding access to credit, serving more clients effectively and efficiently by offering safe and transparent financing.

The injection of capital provided by SoftBank will help Open Co optimize its lending model and continue developing technology-based financial services. These capabilities are expected to create a more personalized customer experience while providing even more access to financial services for individuals who can benefit from today’s technology.

In addition, the new funds will provide Open Co with additional resources to continue developing new products and services in support of its existing customers—empowering them in their financial futures. With increased flexibility, Open Co may have the ability to tap into various industries, both domestic and international, ultimately creating greater opportunities for customers who may not have had access previously. Furthermore, this extra reach will allow Open Co to offer attractive savings opportunities for customers seeking optimally efficient credit formats on their terms.


Open Co, a Brazilian consumer credit startup, has successfully closed a $115M round of financing led by SoftBank. The round also included participation from other investors, including Tiger Global Management, Ribbit Capital, Dragoneer Investment Group and Bx VP.

This significant influx of capital will enable Open Co to further develop its existing portfolio of products and services and expand into new markets. In addition, the additional funding will help Open Co improve its customer service offerings and invest in better technology to remain competitive against other lending companies in the Brazilian market.

With this new financing round and strategic partnerships, Open Co is poised to become one of Latin America’s most successful consumer credit startups.

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