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What is Abra? Is it the best Coinbase Alternative?

Abra is a peer-to-peer digital currency exchange that uses blockchain technology. It has an easy to use interface and allows people to buy, sell, send or receive bitcoin in the form of cash deposits at over 50,000 locations worldwide.

Abra is a cryptocurrency app that allows users to buy, sell, store, and invest in digital assets. It is the best alternative to Coinbase because it has lower fees. Read more in detail here: best alternative to coinbase reddit.


Charles Lee, the creator of the Litecoin cryptocurrency network, once teased fans of the cryptocurrency that they were in for a big surprise. The surprise came in the form of the introduction of a new app named “Abra.”

Individuals may invest in approximately 50 fiat currencies and about 20 cryptocurrencies using the Abra program, which uses Litecoin and Bitcoin’s smart contract capabilities. Individuals may not only invest in a total of approximately 70 different currencies, but they can also trade and swap assets without fees and at lightning speed. Because of these characteristics, the Abra app is the only one in the world that can do the tasks listed above. It’s worth noting that the applications are open to all users worldwide, and twenty more coins have been introduced.

What is the Abra App’s Process?

Most people are curious, so we’ll break it down with an example to truly get to the point. Let’s suppose you put $10,000 in LTC tokens into the Abra app and want to trade with Stellar, which has a set price of $0.25. When a transaction with multiple signatures is generated, you must sign the first portion or half of the transaction to Abra. After that, you should keep your LTC tokens locked away. If the price of Stellar rises in comparison to the price of Litecoin, your locked LTC tokens will be instantly doubled. Your LTC tokens will be unlocked, and the $20,000 profit will be transferred to your wallet right away. You can invest in over 70 currencies using the Abra app, but you can’t possess them. Abra allows users to invest in various digital currencies without having to create multiple wallets or maintain multiple keys. Abra generates a fictitious money that is utilized in the app.

Currency that is not real

It is impossible to liquidate synthetic currencies. For over a year, the Abra program has been successfully executing multiple-signature (multi-signature) contracts to guarantee the efficient handling of cash, Bitcoin, and Ethers. The Abra program enables you to trade, transfer, buy, sell, and send Bitcoin and Litecoin to whatever wallet you choose. The Abra app also enables users in the United States to liquidate their fiat currency and then transfer them to their respective bank accounts. By signing contracts, the Abra program also distributes smart contracts to its users. Abra does this by exchanging cryptocurrencies with a variety of exchange partners. These contracts, often known as hedges, are completely risk-free. Abra earns money not from the hedging, but from the huge price disparities that occur when users trade or swap on the app.

Why was Abra created on the Litecoin blockchain?

Abra is now aiming to utilize the Litecoin platform for the majority of its transactions. According to the Abra development team, Litecoin was selected after extensive and comprehensive study. According to the team, the goal of the study was to identify a viable platform that met their requirements. Litecoin is an off-chain and on-chain cryptocurrency that is quick, scalable, and secure. It’s also a platform with cheap transaction and mining fees. Litecoin was also chosen because of its tight adherence to the Bitcoin core stated plan. In addition, there are no network disruptions, hard fork turmoil, or exorbitant transaction costs on the Litecoin platform. Bitcoin is more secure than Litecoin, according to the Abra development team. As a result, Litecoin users will benefit from reduced mining fees and scaling expenses. Litecoin was also selected because it has reduced transaction costs, and the most recent Litecoin version has even lower fees. On the Litecoin platform, each transaction may be as little as one penny.

What Does This Mean for Litecoin?

Abra was created to address all of the difficulties that come with investing in several cryptocurrencies at the same time. Users in the United States must first acquire Litecoin before they can begin utilizing it. This technically implies that if more individuals in the United States opt to use Abra, the overall number of Litecoin users will rise. Abra’s smart contracts will also significantly reduce the amount of LTC tokens in circulation. Abra’s acceptance of Litecoin lends credence to the Litecoin platform, demonstrating that it is one of the finest cryptocurrency platforms available. How Do You Fund Abra App Wallets? The Abra program allows users to fill their wallets using direct bank wires or transfers, as well as the purchase of Bitcoins. Users who want to finance their accounts with Bitcoins will just have to provide their phone numbers. Users may finance their accounts with either a Philippine or an American bank account. The Abra app may also be funded using American Express cards, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. You may start investing in over 20 cryptocurrencies and 50 fiat currencies as soon as the Abra application verifies your money.

What Can You Do With Abra?

You must first download the Abra application from the app’s official website if you are a first-time user. After you’ve downloaded the files, you’ll need to write down the private keys. Because the Abra app is non-custodial, users may access their money whenever they choose.


The team behind Abra wants to build a reliable platform that will promote the storing of both fiat and cryptocurrency money. Litecoin CEO Charlie Lee promised a big surprise to the platform’s users from the start. This revelation must have seemed perplexing to the broader population at first. Abra’s arrival is excellent news for both the Litecoin platform and the application itself. In addition, the program aims to integrate additional cryptocurrencies. It’s also worth noting that Abra doesn’t enable users to keep these currencies. They can only sell or give them away. As previously said, the Abra will aid with increasing the overall number of Litecoin users.

Abra is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to invest in cryptocurrencies without having to trade on an exchange. It uses the blockchain technology for this purpose. Reference: best crypto exchange.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best alternative to Coinbase?

The best alternative to Coinbase is the Bitcoin Gold Exchange.

Is Abra a good exchange?

Abra is a good exchange.

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