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Earncrypto Review 2021: Legit Way to Earn Crypto?

Earncrypto is a new service that uses blockchain technology to enable users to earn crypto by answering surveys. In this article, we will review the legitimacy of the company and how it works.

Earncrypto is a website that offers legitimate ways to earn crypto. The website has been around since 2018 and it offers legitimate ways to earn crypto without the need for mining. is a website that has been operating for a long time. The initial site was launched in late 2016, and the social media platforms were launched in 2017., like other rewards websites like Swagbucks, allows you to earn bitcoin by performing a range of activities. In this Earncrypto review, we’ll examine the platform to see whether it’s legitimate, see how it works, and decide if it’s a fraud or not.

Earncrypto allows anybody to establish an account, and it seems that many individuals have been paid. However, many individuals have complained about the company’s missing and incorrect payments, and many Earncrypto reviews believe the service to be a fraud.

We’ll attempt to collect different views from across the internet in our Earncrypto review to determine whether the site is a fraud or not. Because there are few official sources of information, most of what you learn about Earncrypto will be based on popular opinion.


The website is currently under development, and their About Us page has no useful information. When it comes to establishing an Earncrypto account, individuals are most concerned about a lack of knowledge.

After all, the website, although simple to use and comprehend, seems to be empty and obsolete, which does not reflect well on the business behind it. Aside from their home website, they have a Twitter account that has been active since 2017, but no official Facebook or Instagram profiles.

Their subreddit dates from 2013, although it hasn’t been very active, with less than 200 members. Nonetheless, there are a plethora of articles with referral links and reviews that offer some useful information for potential platform users.


People may earn bitcoin by doing minor activities on the site. These chores may involve things like viewing movies, doing surveys, clicking on ads, and installing applications. Small data entry tasks and crypto transactions are also advertised on the site, which users may perform for further incentives.

Cryptocurrency may be redeemed in your own wallet or on an exchange. According to the official website, the platform allows users to make an infinite amount of money in over a hundred different currencies. This plan is what attracts customers, and one of their taglines claims that their operation is much superior than mine.



Downloading applications may provide the most personalized benefits of all the activities offered. However, in order to generate activity, you must perform different activities inside the applications that you download. This increases the amount of time you spend on this reward compared to viewing video material, which earns you much less points.

The website not only provides bitcoin incentives, but it also teaches users how to establish and manage a wallet. When utilizing the platform itself, however, there are no clear instructions to follow. The sole piece of information you get when you create an account is that each point you earn on the website is worth 0.0000009 Bitcoin.

In your profile, you may choose your preferred currency, with Bitcoin being the default for new users. You may also receive rewards in DogeCoin, Dash, Ethereum, IOTA, LiteCoin, Monero, Ripple, and ZCash, among other cryptocurrencies. In fact, the DogeCoin subreddit is where many of the most current users report on this site.

Other things to keep in mind for users: withdrawing your points to cryptocurrency incurs a charge, which is typically a few points. When you connect your PayPal account, the minimum cost drops somewhat, but not much.

Review of Earncrypto: Is it a Scam or Not?

Every recent Earncrypto review will begin with this question. The Earncrypto platform does not instantly raise any red flags when you first look at it. You must complete a DDoS clearance on the website, although this is not a negative thing in and of itself. This is something that many other websites with comparable goals do as well.

There are no poor text or non-working pages on the website, which would be stronger indications of a fraud. Apart from its basic user interface, it isn’t badly built. Your profile is lacking just one thing: a help channel, which has caused some people to be concerned. However, towards the bottom of the site, there is an email address for assistance. It’s also extremely simple to delete your account, and there’s a direct link in your profile settings.


These characteristics support the conclusion made by the most current customer reviews included in this Earncrypto review: the website’s functioning platform is genuine, but it may not be able to manage its userbase effectively. This does not imply that users are to fault; rather, the website may be experiencing some internal issues as a result of which individuals are not receiving their bitcoin incentives.


Are there any positive Earncrypto reviews?

You’ll still find a lot of postings promoting if you search the web, but the most of them will be individuals giving referral connections. The majority of individuals seem to earn the most of their points through sharing links or viewing videos. Because the movies are not accessible for viewing globally, this may be a difficulty for certain nations.

Additionally, Earncrypto only permits one account per device, IP address, or household. Their sponsors also implemented rules to prevent delivering the same ad to the same user again. When you factor in the survey issue, it seems that opening an account is a poor investment.

You may have a better experience if you have a lot of free time, but there are a lot of obstacles for someone trying to make money with cryptocurrencies. Earncrypto does not offer a mobile app for Android or iOS, so you’ll have to rely on your laptop or desktop to make money right now. Earncrypto lags behind in terms of development since most current PTC platforms (like Swagbucks) have already gone into mobile applications.


Is it possible to get money with Earncrypto by doing surveys?

Yes, in a nutshell. You may apply to do surveys that pay out in points, which you can then trade for Bitcoin in principle. This component seems to be in good working order. The issue may be whether or not you are fortunate enough to have no difficulties when utilizing the platform. The majority of consumers advise against installing applications since many of them contain viruses.

Many Earncrypto hacks were promoted a few years ago, but it’s difficult to get any information about them now. Earncrypto hasn’t provided any formal updates on the subject either.

Also, if you’re looking for ways to make money using bitcoin, surveys may not be the greatest choice. The majority of consumers discover that completing these surveys takes a long time. According to current estimates, each survey should take between 5 and 30 minutes. This also increases the possibility of getting turned down for surveys. Other sites, such as Swagbucks, are also affected by this problem.


You will also be required to complete a pre-survey questionnaire, as seen in the picture below. This is typical in sites where you may participate in surveys. You provide personal information, and the algorithm chooses surveys that may be of interest to you.


How should I respond to the pre-survey questionnaire?

You must include details such as your marital status, family information, ethnicity, and residence. The website requests that you answer the questions honestly, adding that survey partners may ask the same questions before granting survey access. If your responses do not match, you may be removed from the survey.

However, it wouldn’t be fair in our Earncrypto review if we didn’t mention that individuals often misrepresent this information. In fact, you may be able to discover internet guidelines that instruct you on how to respond. Many individuals think that by establishing an online identity with certain characteristics, you may manipulate the system to get more surveys. Of course, the proof that these techniques work is based on hearsay.

Even while allows people from all around the world, people from different countries may have difficulty answering surveys. The questionnaire is accessible in Spanish, but additional languages may be available as well.

However, according to users, the majority of the polls appeal mostly to Americans. For certain individuals, this may be a cultural barrier, resulting in more survey refusals. offers other methods to make money.

This Earncrypto review would be incomplete if we didn’t look at all of the methods you can earn points on the site, so let’s have a look at everything Earncrypto has to offer. They may be found in your main menu.

1. Receive Offers

The Earn Offers section is the first choice you’ll come across. To get access, you must first complete the survey form. After that, you will get an email with a code that you must enter to begin earning. You must also deactivate AdBlock, just like you would on any other rewards website.

The Earn Offers section serves as the primary location for earning points without having to filter by task. You may access nine ‘offer walls,’ with the top three designated in gold, silver, and bronze as top offer walls. Wannads is #1, OfferToro is second, and AdWall is third (third).

We created a test account and completed the survey in both English and Spanish. We developed a profile to search for surveys based on the same responses in both questions. As you can see in the picture below, there was just one outcome. It is worth 18 points to qualify for the survey and finish it fully.


2. Finish all tasks

You may now apply for full jobs in addition to the Earn Offers section. Because these jobs are created by platform users, there aren’t many of them available. You may build your own tasks to earn cryptocurrency via referral links, but you’ll have to be fortunate to discover work that are already listed. Users snatched them up fast since demand was so low.


3. Entering Data

To access the Data Entry area, you must first finish a brief instruction. Type is Money is the user interface used by Earncrypto. According to the official website, most jobs on this platform are accessible between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. EST.

After you finish the lesson, you’ll be sent to the main panel, where you’ll enter many tiny bits of text. Names, addresses, and other personal details are often used. Earn crypto points by making accurate inputs, however PP is not the same as Earncrypto points. Only the Data Entry part uses PP, and 200 PP equals 1 Earncrypto point, or 0.0000010 BTC.


Earncrypto rewards users once a day for all of the tasks they completed the previous day. As you can see on their official website, they pay them at 3 p.m. EST for work done between “12 a.m. and 12 p.m. EST.” However, users may earn Bitcoin without achieving 200 PP. They will be paid if they earn more than 10 PP in a single day.

Some visitors may find this platform perplexing since it seems to be as simple as the rest of the website. It even has minor spelling errors in its text, but the PP earning mechanism works, and you can check your balance by clicking Finish in the upper right corner. This concludes the session, and you may resume it at any time.


4. Tasks for Crowdflowers

This option is for general activities that aren’t data entry related. They have three options for finding work: SuperRewards, Wannads, and Personally. To access their jobs, you’ll need to establish a SuperRewards account, and to view the ones from Wannads, you’ll need to fill out a questionnaire.

Personally gives you the same options as when you initially log in to Earncrypto: you may use it to fill out surveys, create accounts for points, and download applications. When compared to SuperRewads and Wannads, their payouts seem to be higher, and there are plenty of jobs to choose from.



Conclusion of the Earncrypto Review

More information about this platform is required. The majority of what consumers view now comes from public sources such as Reddit. When it comes to contesting allegations, the Earncrypto platform solely has its users’ side. Although the main help channel has been flagged as untrustworthy, other users claim to have had no issues using the platform.

Because this is the case with Earncrypto right now, consumers should be cautious of the platform’s claims. Hours of labor may be translated into the term “free.” Even if consumers create an online identity that offers them additional survey choices, it is quite simple to be excluded from surveys.

Earncrypto is often compared to Coinbase, another refuge for those seeking “free cryptocurrency.” To prevent difficulties, users should turn to Coinbase and other entry-level ways of earning bitcoin.

Coinbase also has a stronger track record of genuinely teaching cryptocurrency to its customers. As previously mentioned, Earncrypto promotes cryptocurrency education to its customers, however there are no resources easily accessible (as of 2019).

The majority of what we just covered in this Earncrypto review is based on public opinion, although the most of them are from 2018, with some dating back to 2015. We won’t be able to create a clear picture of its value as a platform until more positive evaluations emerge.

Earncrypto Review


Earncrypto is a one-of-a-kind solution for passively earning bitcoin. However, they now face strong competition from emerging providers like as Coinbase. It may not even be worth your time, given how little they pay each job.

  • a wide range of duties
  • Value-for-time
  • The user interface (UI)
  • Public opinion


  • You may earn cryptocurrency for free.
  • a large number of users


  • Payments are little.
  • The user interface is average.

The how to earn free crypto 2020 is a legit way to earn cryptocurrency. Earncrypto has been around since 2016 and it promises to pay you in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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