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What Experts Are Saying About Loft’s $2.2B Valuation

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Are you looking to invest in Brazil’s real estate market? Look no further – the real estate platform, Loft has successfully raised $425 million at a $2.2 billion valuation, making it one of Brazil’s largest venture rounds.

Access Brazil’s real estate market with Loft and advance your investments!


Loft, Brazil’s real estate platform, has closed a $425 million funding round at a $2.2 billion valuation in one of the largest venture capital rounds in the country to date. The series D (growth) round was led by Group SoftBank, with participation from Redpoint eventures, GGV Capital and Kaszek Ventures.

The startup connects buyers and sellers to facilitate the purchase and sale of real estate in Latin America’s largest economy. Established by Vinicius Ahazoum and Bernardo Furmann — who sold his first startup to Apple — Loft has more than 224K users that account for more than 3.2M monthly visits sourced through marketing channels like SEO and outbound campaigns. The company has also forged partnerships with entities such as Credit Suisse and Nu Pagamentos to strengthen its financial performance.

This new injection of capital will enable Loft to further increase its footprint in Brazil while entering new markets; with that additional funds expected to boom their technology offering including websites, mobile apps and products like credit assessment tool ‘CriaOportunidade’; thus elevating their current services portfolio consisting of online classifieds subscriptions and mortgage consulting services.

Overview of Loft

Loft is a real estate platform based in Brazil, providing access to the Brazilian housing market. Founded in 2019, Loft has quickly become one of the most respected and influential companies in the Brazilian real estate industry. With offices throughout Brazil, Loft is at the forefront of innovation for the Brazilian market and is one of Brazil’s premier housing platforms. The company serves over 2 million customers and has secured partnerships with some of the most prominent builders, brokers, and leasing agents nationwide.

Recently, Loft announced that it closed a $425M round of venture funding at a valuation of $2.2B. This marks one of Brazil’s largest venture rounds since it is three times larger than its previous round from June 2020. SoftBank Latin America Fund led the investment and saw participation from returning investors like Dragoneer Investment Group, General Atlantic, Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, Glade Brook Capital Partners, Addition Ventures and Grupo Seacape among others. This new capital will enable Loft to expand its product set and services to existing clients while leveraging data-driven insights to grow even further into new markets outside Brazil.

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Real estate platform Loft raises $425M at a $2.2B valuation in one of Brazil’s largest venture rounds

Brazilian proptech startup Loft has announced a $425 million Series D funding round, which it says is one of the largest investments ever in a Brazilian venture-backed company. The round was led by Tiger Global Management, with participation from existing investors SoftBank and Valor Capital Group. It brings Loft’s total funding to around $570 million and values the company at $2.2 billion.

The funding will help Loft expand its platform, which enables viewings, rentals and loans for real estate in Brazil and Latin America. The company has seen increased demand for its services during the COVID-19 pandemic, as more people opt to rent their home rather than purchase one. With the new investment, Loft plans to expand its offerings into other countries in Latin America as well as launching new products and services in Brazil.

Since founding in 2014, Loft has helped facilitate over 500,000 transactions and works with hundreds of real estate developers across Brazil and Latin America. In March 2021 alone it facilitated over 26 thousand housing statements filings via its online platform—making process 50% faster than traditional methods–and saw a 132% growth month-over-month since August 2020. Founded by Valdir Schirmer Jr., Agamenon Neto ,and Daniel Ruaßegger ,Loft intends to use this funding opportunity to continue scaling their operations within Brazil and internationally.

Impact of the Funding Round

The $425 million round marks one of the largest funding rounds ever in Brazil’s venture capital market and highlights the country’s growing start-up ecosystem. This is especially significant given that Brazil’s venture industry is still maturing and investments of this size have rarely occurred in this area. The funding round has also provided a platform for Loft to further expand its ambitions, leveraging the capital to continue its growth trajectory in the real estate sector.

The new funds will be used to drive innovation and platform expansion and, importantly, find ways for customers to save money with Loft’s investment options. The latest investment will also help boost Loft’s current offerings and reach wider audiences beyond metropolitan areas with more accessible, less expensive housing options across Brazil. Having secured financing from some of the world’s most prominent venture capitalists, such as DST Global, Founders Fund, QED Investors andmonashees, investors have shown confidence in Loft’s market prospects.

Overall, through this massive funding round, Loft has set a trend-defining example for other startups emerging within the Brazilian venture capital space while garnering much needed attention and resources to help it achieve its ambitious goals.

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Benefits for Loft

The deal gives Loft a larger capital to contribute towards expanding its real estate platform. With it come monetization opportunities and access to a broader network to better serve customers. It also opens more doors for strategic partnerships to help Loft capitalize on market opportunities, like investing in technologies or expanding into new markets.

Additionally, the investment will bring insight and expertise from the investors, helping Loft adapt more quickly to market needs. This can lead to quicker product launches, strengthened competitive position, diversified portfolios and increased revenue.

Overall, having the backing of such well-known venture capitalists will add credibility and security for customers looking to invest in Loft’s real estate investments. It will also give Loft access to additional growth strategies with increased flexibility when making operations and capital investments decisions.

Challenges Ahead for Loft

Although Loft’s fresh injection of capital is a major milestone that many businesses could only dream of achieving, the company still has some challenges to overcome to make the most of their successful round.

As Loft aims to make a bigger name in the South American market, it needs to focus on accelerating its user base by hiring top talent and providing users with an intuitive interface. This will help attract more customers and create an inviting atmosphere for potential investors.

Loft must also prove its business model works in an uncertain economic climate hit hard by Covid-19. With expanding competition from other real estate platforms in Brazil and abroad, Loft must create sustainable strategies to keep up with the ever-evolving landscape. This means focusing on implementing innovative technology that can accommodate minor fluctuations in market demand while refining its processes to improve transparency and responsiveness.

Finally, Loft needs to optimize digital marketing strategies across different channels, including email, search engine marketing and social media outlets. With this plan put into motion rigorously, Loft should be able to make their latest funding round work successfully for them in the long run.

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Perspectives from Industry Experts

Industry experts offered their insights into Loft’s venture round, citing the $425M funding as a sign of the real estate tech sector’s continued market potential.

Ana Paula Gompelmann, co-founder and CEO of Other Real Estate Platforms in Latin America, noted the significance of Loft’s funding round in developing their presence on a global scale. “It is great to see a Brazilian startup reach this milestone, paving the way for other Brazil- and Latin America-based startups to become more visible at regional and global levels.”

Mark Andrews, director at Argyle Consulting Group, commented on how Loft’s success serves as an example for other startups in Brazil: “The support that Loft is receiving underlines a strong commitment to growing venture capital investing activity in Brazil. This is an important step forward for any company seeking traction in such a vibrant market.”

Jason Lee at Prosague Ventures conversely pointed out the increasingly competitive landscape that Loft faces: “What sets companies such as Loft apart from others is their ability to navigate uncertainties within the current real estate climate. Such conditions introduce formidable competition from larger technology companies which startups in general must actively consider.” Ultimately, he concluded that companies like Loft must be sensitive “to profit erosion coming from larger tech firms entering the field and competing for customers.”


The largest venture round recorded on the Brazilian startup scene so far, this new funding will allow Loft to accelerate its expansion. The real estate marketplace plans to leverage their cutting edge technology and customer-centric approach to take the lead in the Brazilian market.

With this new influx of capital, Loft will be well positioned to experience further growth in 2021 and beyond.

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