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What are the Fees Associated with Using the Chivo Digital Wallet?

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Crypto Platform Bitso Working with El Salvador on Chivo Digital Wallet

Crypto platform Bitso has recently teamed up with El Salvador to create the Chivo digital wallet, a secure and easy-to-use crypto wallet for users to store and transfer digital assets. With this wallet, users can easily and quickly manage, monitor and transfer their digital assets with minimal fees.

In this article, we’ll look at the fees associated with the Chivo digital wallet, its overall features and benefits.

What is the Chivo Digital Wallet?

The Chivo Digital Wallet is a free and secure online payment platform that allows users to store, send and receive digital payments with near-instantaneous speed. It is available worldwide, including the UK, USA, EU member countries and Canada. With the Chivo Digital Wallet, users have a simple and secure way to transfer payments without carrying physical cash. Furthermore, all transfers are securely encrypted with high-end encryption technology to ensure that the user’s information is safe.

The Chivo Digital Wallet also allows for deposits from other sources like banks and withdrawals from your wallet balance into external accounts. In addition to these services, the Chivo Digital Wallet offers an extensive array of services such as prepaid debit cards which allow you to shop online using your wallet balance or make purchases in supported stores both online and off-line.

One great benefit of using the Chivo Digital Wallet is that it has no transfer/transaction fees associated with its use; however, certain fees may be associated depending on the type of transaction you are conducting. The most frequent fees associated with using the Chivo Digital Wallet are withdrawal fees when you request payment out of your wallet. At the same time, conversion or exchange rate fees can be incurred when utilising the prepaid debit card or transferring funds internationally. Therefore, it is important to review all applicable fees before conducting any transaction through your Chivo Digital Wallet account to fully understand any charges you may encounter during the service.

What Services Does the Chivo Digital Wallet Offer?

The Chivo Digital Wallet is a secure, convenient way to manage money and make payments directly from your mobile device. It provides users various financial services, such as transferring funds between accounts, making online purchases, paying bills, and tracking expenses. The wallet also allows merchants to accept digital payments from Chivo customers.

Using the Chivo Digital Wallet is free of charge for transactions such as deposits, transfers between accounts and account management features. However, fees may be applicable for other services like payment processing or international payments. In addition, depending on your bank provider, credit / debit card usage may incur additional fees.

In addition to its financial services, the Chivo Digital Wallet provides helpful security features including:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Data encryption technology for maximum protection of user data.

This ensures that all user information is kept safe and secure.

The Chivo Digital Wallet also provides great customer service support in case of any issues or queries with the app or related services its partners provide. In addition, they are readily available via online chat forums or over the phone during normal business hours to assist you with any inquiries regarding specific topics or settings within their app platform.

Fees Associated with Using the Chivo Digital Wallet

The Chivo Digital Wallet, created by Crypto platform Bitso and El Salvador, has several fees associated with its usage. To understand the fees, you must understand how it works and how the fees are generated.

This section of the article will provide an overview of the associated fees of using the Chivo Digital Wallet so you can make an informed decision about whether the wallet is right for you:

What are the Fees for Sending and Receiving Funds?

The Chivo digital wallet lets users quickly and securely send and receive funds with minimal fees. However, fees vary depending on the method of payment used to send funds and the currency being transferred, as outlined in the table below.

  • Send Payments:
    • Payments by debit/credit card: 1.99% of the transaction amount
    • Payments from bank account: 0.70% of the transaction amount, up to a maximum fee of €4 per transaction
  • Receive Payments: 1% for domestic payments, 2% for international payments, subject to a minimum fee of €0.10 per payment made

It is important to note that while there are no fees associated with funding your wallet with a bank transfer or debit/credit card, your bank may be charging you additional, hidden fees.

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Therefore, you should check with your provider before setting up your wallet with either option. Lastly, exchange rates may also apply when transferring across different currencies.

What are the Fees for Exchanging Currencies?

The Chivo Digital Wallet has several currency exchange options. Fees apply depending on the currency you’re exchanging and the amount you’re exchanging. The applicable fees vary by type and amount of currency being exchanged:

  1. For amounts up to USD 1,000, the fee is 0.5% of the total upon exchange.
  2. For amounts from $1,001 up to $10,000USD, the fee is 0.4% of the total upon exchange.
  3. For amounts over USD 10,000, there is no fee for exchanging currencies with Chivo Digital Wallet.

In addition to these standard rates, certain currencies may carry higher or lower fees depending on market conditions and liquidity issues in a specific currency pair at any given time. Please review the page below for additional information on any special fees associated with specific currencies:

What are the Fees for using the Chivo Digital Wallet?

The Chivo Digital Wallet is a convenient way to manage all your payment and deposit needs. It offers safe, secure transactions and low merchant fees, so you know you’re getting the best prices on every transaction. But what are the actual associated fees for using the Chivo Digital Wallet?

To use the Chivo Digital Wallet, you will need to pay a fee of 1%, however this does not include any bank charges that may be incurred by using other third-party banking services. In addition, some merchants may add a fee if they require you to use a certain payment gateway to complete your purchase.

Regarding withdrawals and deposits, all users are subject to a percentage fee based on the amount they are trying to move into or out of their account. For example, withdrawals under $20USD may be charged up to 5% and currencies worth over $1000USD may incur a 3% processing fee. Additionally, other refund or cancellation policies vary from payment platform to payment platform. Hence, users must read through these terms carefully before completing any online payments or transfers.

Finally, when using third-party payment platforms like PayPal or Stripe, additional fees may apply for users to complete their purchases or transfers successfully. So once again users need to understand these various fees before making transactions online with their Chivo Digital Wallet account.

El Salvador and Bitso Partnership

El Salvador and the crypto platform, Bitso, have formed a partnership to launch the Chivo digital wallet. This digital wallet offers El Salvadorian citizens a secure, easy way to access their digital assets. However, before using the platform, it is important to understand the fees associated with the Chivo digital wallet.

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This article will explore the fees and other details of the Chivo digital wallet.

What is the Partnership Between El Salvador and Bitso?

El Salvador and Bitso have teamed up to provide people from El Salvador with access to a full-service digital wallet. This revolutionary collaboration between the two entities enables users to store and manage funds in national currencies and cryptocurrencies.

The partnership works as an ongoing long-term collaboration, offering benefits such as a lower fee structure for users than traditional banking services. The collaboration also allows for expanded financial inclusion within El Salvador, providing citizens access to services typically unavailable through traditional financial institutions, such as the ability to purchase cryptocurrency. For example, with the Chivo Digital Wallet, individuals can buy, sell, send and receive digital assets without using a bank.

The partnership between El Salvador and Bitso hopes to foster economic growth by eliminating barriers present within traditional financial systems while making cryptocurrencies more accessible. Bitso will be able to facilitate government payments related projects on behalf of its citizens via their crypto-assets hub interface. This could represent a major step forward in economic development as this technology looks towards drastically reducing costs associated with project execution while enabling users with slower internet connection access quick online payment services they previously did not qualify for due to their reliance on existing legacy systems.

What are the Benefits of the Partnership?

The partnership between El Salvador and the cryptocurrency wallet provider Bitso has been touted as a potential game changer for El Salvador’s struggling economy. The partnership provides citizens access to various financial services, including remittances, loans, payments, and insurance. It also provides access to a digital asset issuance platform, allowing companies to issue new cryptocurrencies.

The Chivo Digital Wallet provided by this partnership aims to reduce costs for individuals and businesses. This will help promote financial inclusion among the unbanked population in El Salvador and make payments easier within the country’s national borders. Additionally, customers can use their e-wallet wallets abroad without fees or restrictions on the amount they can send.

This new payment platform has further enabled everyday citizens to take part in digital asset ownership with reduced fees compared to traditional banking models. Furthermore, Bitso offers users the advantages of low conversion rates when exchanging between various cryptos, government-regulated digital assets such as USD or EUROs and existing fiat currency as well as cutting out middlemen when conducting money transfers during domestic or international transactions.

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This new system provides convenience and security for its users through its accompanying mobile app, which operates on Android and iOS phones for effortless deposits or withdrawals through the Google Play Store. With reliable transactions provided by advanced encryption technology from Bitso ensuring that all transactions remain secure it provides customers with peace of mind when transferring funds.


The Chivo digital wallet is a fairly new product in El Salvador. It is a part of the larger cryptocurrency platform, Bitso, that works in tandem with El Salvador to create a digital wallet for users. The wallet is designed to provide convenience, security, and user-friendliness.

In this article, we have discussed the fees associated with using the Chivo digital wallet. These fees vary based on the type of transaction and the currency used for the transfer.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that the Bitso platform provides a secure and convenient way for El Salvador’s citizens to use digital currencies.

Summary of the Chivo Digital Wallet

The Chivo Digital Wallet is a secure, convenient, and reliable digital payment service that allows you to safely store and manage your funds. In addition, it offers competitive fees compared to other digital payment services, allowing users to take advantage of discounts when they make payments.

The main fees associated with using the Chivo Digital Wallet are:

  • Setup fee: A one-time setup fee of $2 will be deducted when you set up an account.
  • Monthly charge: Customers are charged a monthly fee of $2 to use the app.
  • Transaction Fee: Customers are charged a small transaction fee varying from 0%-3% depending on the type of transaction and amount transferred. The minimum transaction fee is $0.25 for payments within the United States; international transactions incur higher fees ranging from $10-$100+.
  • Cross-border transactions: Cross-border transfers incur a flat rate processing fee based on the countries involved; this varies between currencies defined by each country’s central bank exchange rate and administrative costs.
  • Currency conversion charges: Currency conversions incur an additional charge based on the current exchange rate at any given time, plus an additional mark-up applied by Chivo Digital Wallet when foreign currency exchanges occur within your account or when you send or receive money in a different currency than your native currency.
  • Storage Fees: There is no storage fee associated with using the Chivo Digital wallet; customers may securely save their funds indefinitely without incurring additional costs.

Additionally, customers may contact customer service if they wish to freeze their account or delete their profile information upon request without incurring any additional charges.

Summary of the Fees Associated with Using the Chivo Digital Wallet

The Chivo Digital Wallet is a secure and flexible way to store and send money to friends, family and merchants worldwide. This digital wallet offers users a convenient, reliable, cost-effective platform for making transactions.

Chivo Digital Wallet enables its users to make transactions with very low fees, compared to the traditional banking systems. The wallet charges nominal fees for all transaction types across the globe. The maximum fee that the Chivo wallet charges is 1% for international transfers under USD 500. The sending fees may be slightly higher depending on the amount of money sent internationally and where it is being sent from/to.

For local transactions within India, Chivo also charges nominal fees with no hidden costs; this includes payments made at domestic retail stores and online purchases. Furthermore, as stated in their policy, they do not charge any extra fee if a purchase was made using credit/debit cards or eWallets including PayPal. However, some banks may charge additional amounts depending on their policies.

Using the Chivo Digital Wallet can save you time and money when making payments locally or abroad. In addition, you can confidently use this digital wallet without worrying about any hidden costs or inconvenience associated with using traditional banking systems or other payment platforms such as PayPal or Western Union.

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