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VeChain Thor Wallet Review: Is It Safe?

The VeChain Thor wallet is a new product from VeChain that promises to offer users the highest level of security and protection for their digital assets. With this in mind, we decided to take a closer look at what it has to offer.

The vechainthor wallet is a new wallet that has been released for the cryptocurrency, VeChain. This wallet allows users to store, send and receive their VeChain Thor tokens.

Have you purchased Vechain and are searching for the best VET wallet to keep it in while earning VTHO? You’ve arrived to the correct spot. Our Vechain Thor wallet tutorial will walk you through the process of setting up and using the most popular Vechain wallet.

What is the Thor Wallet from VeChain?

One of the numerous bitcoin wallets available is the VeChain wallet. It’s designed to work with two distinct cryptocurrencies: VET and VTHO.

VET is a utility token, which means it can be used to pay for VeChain’s services or to participate in their blockchain ecosystem. VET cannot be mined; instead, it must be purchased.

Holding on to VET generates VTHO (similar to how GAS is generated by holding cryptocurrencies like NEO). If you have VET and keep it, you will eventually produce VTHO. It functions similarly to a dividend, in that an initial investment generates a continuous stream of revenue.

To comprehend the VeChain wallet, VET, and VTHO, it is necessary to first comprehend what VeChain as a business provides.

Who are VeChain and what do they do?

VeChain’s solution aims to address the challenges that large businesses have when it comes to handling the complexity of supply chain management. While this may seem ambiguous, VeChain is intended to be very adaptable, making it suitable for a wide variety of applications. The use of blockchain as a method of managing transactions across a company is at its core.

VeChain, for example, just secured a deal with Fuji MARAMO, a Japanese tea manufacturer. Consumers will be able to scan a QR code on a Fuji MARAMO product, and the VeChain blockchain will reveal the product’s precise location – from picking and drying through storage and transportation. This is made possible by VeChain’s ability to operate inside the Internet of Things (IoT). This enables a wide variety of smart devices to communicate with the VeChain ecosystem, allowing employees at any step of the supply chain to track the development of a specific product.

All of this has put VeChain at the forefront of blockchain technology, to the point that PwC announced in May that they were purchasing a share in the company.

What is the VeChain Thor Wallet and How Do I Use It?

Both Android and iOS versions of VeChainThor are available. To begin, you must first download the app. There is currently no desktop wallet accessible, however that is expected to change in the near future, since one is believed to be under development. However, you may add hardware or desktop wallets to your mobile VeChainThor app using the “observe wallet” feature.

Important details:

  • VeChain’s most popular wallet.
  • It’s available for both iOS and Android.
  • Thumbprint or face recognition technologies may be used to protect your VET.

ios logo

Now is the time to get the best VET Wallet for iOS!

Android logo

Thor is now available for Android!

What Is The Best Way To Begin?


You create a passcode to keep the wallet safe once you’ve downloaded it, read the terms and conditions, and agreed to them. If you have an iPhone, you may also secure the app by using your fingerprint or face recognition. After that, you’re in! You may either create a new VeChainThor Wallet or import an existing one.


Press Create a ‘new’ wallet and name it to distinguish it from any other wallets you may create or import in the future. You will be given a list of terms when you create your account. These are the seeds you’ll use. This collection of terms can come in handy if you ever need to import or recover money, so keep a note of them. Make sure you don’t save them digitally, since these seeds are a hacker’s dream come true, as they enable anybody who has them to retrieve your wallet onto a new device.

The program will erase the seed after you’ve securely recorded it on paper, so it can’t be retrieved digitally. Your VeChainThor Wallet has now been created!

How Do I Get Money Into My VeChain Thor Wallet?

We’ll only concentrate on sending and receiving VET to the VeChain Thor Wallet since the procedure for receiving each supported coin to the wallet is the identical.

VET is available on a variety of exchanges. If you don’t want to trade it and instead want to keep it for a long, you’ll probably want to transfer it to your VeChain Thor Wallet after you’ve purchased it. Holding onto your VET in your VeChain Thor wallet will automatically produce VTHO without you having to do anything.

You can fund your VeChain Thor wallet in the same manner that you can fund many other cryptocurrency wallets. All of the various assets you may keep in your VeChain Thor Wallet are shown on the Assets page. Select the Asset you wish to get from this menu – in our instance, VET.


You’ll get a comprehensive view of your VET assets after you choose VET. It will display you a history of all your transactions, both in and out, as well as transfer and receive buttons at the bottom of the screen. To receive an amount of VET from another wallet, press receive.


When you press receive, you’ll see a warning that the VeChain Blockchain only accepts specific coins, so don’t transfer anything else to the wallet address it creates. If you transfer any other cryptocurrency to this address, you risk losing it permanently.


You’ll be given a QR code and an alphanumeric address to use to transfer VET to your wallet after you click “I understand.” You have the option of scanning the code or rewriting the address into the wallet from which you are transferring. In any case, after you’ve copied the address, all you have to do now is send the money and wait for it to clear. The VeChain Blockchain ecosystem is designed for fast transfers, thus there shouldn’t be much of a delay.

How to receive funds to VeChainThor wallet

What Is The Best Way To Send Money From Thor?

It’s also simple to send from the VeChain Thor wallet. Simply go to the detailed view of the asset you wish to transfer and choose the ‘Transfer’ option. We’ll focus on VET this time, but the procedure is the same for other supported assets.

Selecting ‘Transfer’ will provide a similar warning as before, advising you not to transfer VET (or any other VeChain Asset) to a wallet not connected to the VeChain network. So, double-check that the wallet you’re attempting to transfer your VET to can receive VET at this time. To bring up the transfer page, ignore the warning after you’ve confirmed that.

How to send funds from VeChain Thor wallet

You enter the address of the wallet you want to transfer money to and the amount you want to send on this page. On this page, you’ll also notice the VTHO charge for transferring. This cost varies depending on how soon you want the transfer to happen – the more VTHO you have, the quicker the transfer will be. Select the blue ‘Change’ text next to the charge to make changes.

Select next once you’ve entered the money and the address, and you’ll be brought to a confirmation page. Before sending, double-check that all of your information is accurate. That’s all there is to it!

The speed of the transfer is determined on the amount of VTHO you choose to spend as well as the wallet to which you are transferring. However, customers are presently reporting transmission times of approximately 2 minutes.

Is the Thor Wallet from VeChain secure?

The VeChain Foundation, which oversees all technical development for VeChain, is a seasoned player in the blockchain industry. VeChain is, in fact, one of the first blockchain businesses. This means that the VeChain Thor wallet was built using a lot of expertise, and you can be confident that it has been well tested.

VeChain did not just test the wallet in-house; they also had third parties do a variety of tests on the wallet to verify that it is safe.

If you have an iPhone, the app’s iOS version also offers a variety of two-factor verification methods, such as face and fingerprint recognition.

It’s essential to remember that the security of your wallet is dependent on how well you’ve memorized your mnemonic seed, which is a twelve-word phrase you were given when you created the wallet. It is critical that this information not be kept digitally, but rather be written down on paper and preserved safely. In fact, creating several copies of this phrase and storing them in different safe locations is highly recommended.

Of course, the fact that the wallet is mainly a smartphone app may concern some users, particularly if they do not have a backup phone or a “burner” phone. You may be concerned that your phone may be lost or stolen, and that the person who now has your phone will try to access your wallet.

Long the security methods described above should make it difficult for someone else to access your wallet even if they have your phone, there is an optional additional degree of protection you may employ if you don’t intend to transfer any of your VET or VTHO for a while. You may use the wallet’s ‘observe’ function to monitor your own wallet while blocking the ability to take money from it. Even if someone else got their hands on your phone and managed to get past all of the levels of protection, they wouldn’t be able to move any of your VET or VTHO around once they got inside the app.

Make sure you have your mnemonic seed phrase handy for this. After that, you may delete your wallet from your app and import it using the seed phrase. When you import it, choose the observe option, which means you can just look at the wallet but not use it. When you’re ready to transfer your VET and VTHO, just re-import the wallet using the seed phrase but don’t choose observe, and you’ll be able to access the money inside the wallet once again.

Finally, for those who prefer the security of a hardware ledger, the VeChain foundation is presently developing one, with a 2019 delivery date.

Fees and Speed of the Vechain Wallet

People who have used the VeChain Thor wallet say that it is quick and simple to use. The majority of users claim that deposits show in the app within minutes of being received.

In terms of costs, both the Android and iOS applications are free, and there is no charge for transferring VET and VTHO into or out of the wallet. Naturally, you earn VTHO at a rate of 0.000432 every day for 1 VET while your VET is kept in the wallet. So, while using the wallet, you’re really earning money!

Review of the VeChain Thor Wallet

  • The VeChain Thor wallet is primarily a lightweight smartphone software that works on both Android and iOS. Although no concrete dates have been established, there is discussion of a desktop version of the wallet being launched in the future.
  • The Vechain Thor wallet has ledger support.
  • The VeChain wallet is both free and simple to use. It’s also very secure, having undergone thorough third-party testing to guarantee strict security.
  • VET in your wallet produces passive revenue in VTHO without you having to do anything. This occurs at a daily rate of 0.000432 per VET at the moment.
  • The observe feature enables you to keep an eye on your wallets without having access to them, providing further security and convenience.
  • VeChain is a highly intriguing and exciting blockchain possibility, with a lot of creative and interesting goods on offer and big name supporters. As a result, VET and VTHO as investments may have a bright future ahead of them.


Finally, if you’re considering investing in VeChain’s initiative, the VeThor Wallet is a suitable location to save your funds. It’s stylish, secure, and well-made. Furthermore, just keeping onto your VET will generate VTHO passively, indicating that your investment is increasing.

Only time will tell whether or not the VeChain initiative as a whole is a success. There are, however, a number of encouraging indicators, including big-name sponsors and demonstrated usefulness in a variety of industries. VeChain is undoubtedly one to keep an eye on in 2019.



DISCLAIMER: The activity of the cryptoassets discussed in this paper is uncontrolled. This post is not intended to provide financial advice. Always do independent research.

The VeChain Thor Wallet Review is a review of the VeChain Thor wallet. This review will help to answer if it is safe or not. Reference: how to use vechainthor wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is VeChain Thor wallet?

VeChain Thor is a highly secure wallet. All transactions are secured by the VeChain network.

Which wallet is best for VeChain?

The best wallet for VeChain is the Ledger Nano S. It has the highest security and is compatible with all of the major cryptocurrencies.

Can trust wallet store VeChain?

No, trust wallet cannot store VeChain.

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