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New research affirms the colossal gender gap in the crypto sector

There are no women in crypto. And, for the most part, there’s one reason why that is: Women don’t feel welcome or comfortable enough to get involved with this newfangled industry.

The “cryptopotato” is a new research that affirms the colossal gender gap in the crypto sector. The report suggests that women are being underrepresented in the industry, and it’s time to change this.

a source of cryptocurrency information The Index of Cryptocurrency Businesses was produced by Crypto Head to showcase the most profitable firms in the burgeoning sector.

The survey, which featured 50 of the most known and promising firms in the crypto sector, emphasized the industry’s overwhelmingly male-oriented makeup while maintaining tabs on the top players in the area.

Cryptocurrency Company Index

According to the index, Binance, Coinbase, Robinhood, FTX, and Marqeta are the five most valuable firms in the crypto market.


Binance, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange by daily trading volume, is the most valuable crypto business in the research, with a market capitalization of $300 billion.

Meanwhile, the five crypto startups that have garnered the most funding are Robinhood, FTX, Bakkt, Sorare, and Digital Currency Group.


Robinhood, one of the most popular trading platforms on the market, successfully raised the most overall money with a total of $5.57 billion in investment.

The survey also looked at where these top-tier firms are headquartered throughout the globe and found many hotspots for crypto development.

More than half of the top crypto companies, 28 out of 50, are situated in the United States, with the bulk of them in California.

San Francisco emerged as the crypto business capital of the globe, with eight of the 50 firms included in the survey situated in the “Bay City.”

New York comes in second with five firms, followed by Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Paris, Los Angeles, and Miami, each with two.


Only 4% of all founders are women.

Crypto Head highlighted the extent of the gender difference that exists among crypto entrepreneurs by tracking the genders of the founders of each of the 50 firms included in the research.

“Even in the typically male-oriented world of science and technology, the crypto business is turning up to be one of the most male-dominated industries,” stated the research, which placed specific figures and names behind this–at this point–well-known fact.

Only five of the 121 named founders were female, accounting for 4.13 percent of the total.

BlockFi, Binance, Bakkt, Yield Guild Games, and Blockstream are the five firms with female founders.

All of these crypto enterprises, however, have at least one male co-founder.

“While we may anticipate more women to become engaged in the crypto business as it grows and matures,” the report found, “it would be helpful to these firms to actively include more women in leadership roles.”

This kind of inclusiveness might significantly boost the industry’s variety of thinking, resulting in new breakthroughs and greater acceptance.



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