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Anyone who studies Bitcoin ends up investing in it, says Scaramucci

Bitcoin has become the “gold standard” for cryptocurrencies, with its worth skyrocketing in recent years. The cryptocurrency’s success is due to many factors, but one of them may have been that investors are so sure they’ll make money off Bitcoin that they’re willing to risk it all on a second investment in Ethereum or Litecoin.

The “invest in bitcoin now” is a statement that was made by Anthony Scaramucci, who is the founder of SkyBridge Capital. He said that anyone who studies Bitcoin ends up investing in it.


According to Anthony Scaramucci, CEO and founder of SkyBridge Capital, investors who diligently research Bitcoin (BTC) are finally persuaded to buy a share in the cryptocurrency.

Scaramucci, who previously worked as President Donald Trump’s communications director for ten days, advised investors to “do their research on Bitcoin” and “understand what it is” in a Monday interview with CNBC’s Capital Connection, recommending that they read Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper.

As more renowned investors throughout the globe grasp Bitcoin’s potential, adoption will undoubtedly increase. According to Scaramucci,

“Anyone who does their research ends up putting money into it. Take, for example, Ray Dalio, who was formerly a Bitcoin critic and is now a Bitcoin investor.”

Other well-known investors, such as Paul Tudor Jones and American billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller, have also purchased Bitcoin, according to the executive. He described them as “intelligent men who done their studies and came to the conclusion that they wanted to possess a piece of bitcoin.”

Since its beginning in January 2009, Bitcoin has surged by almost 100,000 percent, according to Scaramucci. “Over the previous decade, if you had one penny in Bitcoin and 99 cents in cash, you would have outperformed everything.” “Think about that,” Scaramucci observed.

Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, claims he ‘underinvested’ in Bitcoin.

Scaramucci’s comments come as Bitcoin trades near fresh all-time highs set last week, with BTC now trading at $63,277, according to CoinGecko statistics. For the first time in its existence, Bitcoin surpassed $67,000 on October 20. One year ago, the cryptocurrency was trading at roughly $13,000.

Bitcoin, according to a number of well-known investors throughout the globe, is not especially simple to use. The primary hurdle to Bitcoin’s mainstream acceptance, according to leading crypto sector investor Tim Draper, is its lack of simplicity of use. Last year, American billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban suggested that before Bitcoin becomes widely adopted, it must be simple enough that “grandma can use it.”

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