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6 Questions for Anton Bukov of 1inch Network – Cointelegraph Magazine

Anton Bukov is the founder and CEO of 1inch Network, a company that uses blockchain technology to improve trust in online interactions. He recently spoke with Cointelegraph about the future of cryptocurrency and where he sees his own business going,.

The “anton bukov 1 inch” is a person who has been involved in the cryptocurrency industry for over 10 years. Anton Bukov was asked by Cointelegraph magazine six questions about his experience as a blockchain developer and entrepreneur.


We asked blockchain and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs for their perspectives on the business… We also toss in a few zingers here and there to keep them on their toes!


Anton Bukov, co-founder of 1inch Network, a distributed network of decentralized protocols, is the subject of our 6 Questions this week.

Anton has been programming code since he was 12 years old, mostly in C++, C#, Objective-C, Swift, and SQL. He’s been working on blockchain technologies, especially smart contracts, since 2017. Anton has worked on gas optimization for smart contracts in numerous crypto projects, including MultiToken, Near Protocol (where he was active in the Ethereum-Near Rainbow Bridge), and the Synthetix derivatives liquidity protocol.

Anton and Sergej Kunz, 1inch Network’s future co-founder, co-hosted a YouTube program called “CryptoManiacs” for a while. They built a prototype crypto exchange aggregator in 36 hours during a May 2019 hackathon in New York City, which formed the foundation for 1inch.


1 — We’ve seen a lot of the next “killer applications” for crypto, from smart contracts to DApps, NFTs, and DeFi, but none have really taken off yet. What will be remembered?

I’ve seen certain ideas that are already gaining traction. This growth is exponential, but it is currently constrained by blockchain capacity. Everyone is hoping for a layer-two solution that will allow DeFi to expand to a large number of users, resulting in rapid growth.


2 — What is the most inventive blockchain use case you’ve ever seen? It’s possible that it’s not the most likely to succeed!

When a project perceives blockchain as an actor who follows rigorous, programmable rules rather than a passive database, true innovation occurs. For the first time in human history, we have an ultimately trustworthy (consensus-protected) instruction executor. It is also unstoppable when it comes to obeying orders. Automated market makers (AMMs) and money markets are two of the most fascinating applications for me right now (aka lending protocols).


3 — Do you believe in Bitcoin as a form of payment, a store of wealth, both… or neither?

I admire Bitcoin — and the technologists who created it — for being the first blockchain, but blockchains with smart contracts make a lot more sense to me right now. Bitcoin can still be used as a store of wealth, but as a method of payment, I’m afraid I’m no longer convinced. Only a tiny portion of the community/population can benefit from the Lightning Network and IOU technology. Most consumers prefer to make payments using less volatile currencies, such as stablecoins.


4 — Who makes sense to you and who doesn’t make any sense at all?

Innovators, innovators, and intellectual people create sense, yet this group seldom crosses paths with celebrities. Popular people’s advice does not always make sense to everyone, but few people realize this.


5 — How do you feel about extraterrestrial intelligence and the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe?

It’s something I truly believe in, and the chances are quite good. In general, non-protein forms of life pique my interest. I’m also intrigued by the absence of physical determinism. This might be the sole cause for life’s existence.


6 — Which book has had the largest impact on you? Why?

I like science fiction novels from the 1980s. Perhaps Ray Bradbury’s Frost and Fire was one of the books that made me ponder a lot about life and time.


My desire for the blockchain community is as follows:

Participate in hackathons and become involved in the development of the decentralized future – it’s a large field with enormous possibilities. All of these cryptocurrency prices are simply serving to draw greater attention to the business. Innovations and projects, on the other hand, are the actual gems!

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