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Gaming, Solana, the metaverse, and Bitcoin above $100K: The market predicts what’s in store for 2022 |

In the past few years, one of the most popular uses for blockchain has been in gaming. This is a trend that experts predict will continue well into 2022. What are some things we can expect from this burgeoning technology?

The “breaking crypto news” is a new trend in the market. The market predicts what’s in store for 2022.


Following a poll of over 5,000 of its users, trading site CoinList released a new research that looked at the future of the crypto business.

Respondents discussed everything from the dominance of certain blockchain platforms to NFT use cases, demonstrating that the market has high expectations for 2022.

According to the market, we’re in for an eventful year.

Token issuance platform CoinList polled over 5,000 members of its community for its end-of-year crypto report, in which they expressed their predictions on Bitcoin’s price, Layer-1 platforms, use cases for NFTs, and everything in between.

Users may purchase, trade, and earn new crypto assets on CoinList before they are listed on other exchanges. It was one of the first sites to offer users innovative cryptocurrencies like Filecoin (FILE), Flow (FLOW), and Solana (SOL), and was at least partially responsible for their recent surge in popularity.

The majority of users replied games when asked what sort of projects they would want to see more of on CoinList next year. The similar excitement was seen for decentralized finance, with over 52% of respondents agreeing that more DeFi coins should be released.

NFTs followed right following, with 41.6 percent of people backing the asset class that boomed in 2021.

Project sectorsUsers wish to see more of these kind of initiatives on CoinList (Source: CoinList)

The segment of the market that feels gaming is the industry’s future also has strong views on which games will help it expand. Gods Unchained, according to the study, has the best chance of being the most popular blockchain game next year, followed by Axie Infinity.

Most popular blockchain game in 2022In 2022, the most popular blockchain game will be (Source: CoinList)

The market is certain that metaverse environments and gaming will become the key use cases for NFTs next year, with even legacy tech companies like Facebook jumping in on the trend.

The main use for NFTs in 2022In 2022, the primary use for NFTs will be (Source: CoinList)

While CoinList and its users recognized Ethereum as the leader in DeFi, the poll revealed that other blockchain platforms are still in high demand. In 2022, more over half of those polled indicated they intended to engage with Solana the most. By the end of 2022, almost 55% of people predicted that Solana will be the closest to Ethereum’s market valuation.

With just over 48% of respondents stating they would use Binance Smart Chain in 2022, it was the second most popular option. By the end of next year, just over 38% of users think it has the potential to be the third-largest blockchain.

Polkadot came in second with 47.8%, thanks to its parachain auctions, which drove it to the top of the DeFi market this quarter. Polygon and Avalanche, two scaling platforms, were picked by 25% of respondents, while Cosmos and Terra received less than 20%.

Blockchain users plan on interacting with the most in 2022In 2022, blockchain users expect to engage with the most (Source: CoinList)

The market’s concentration on DeFi doesn’t imply it won’t interact with Bitcoin in the future. Almost half of CoinList’s members estimate Bitcoin will be valued between $100,000 and $150,000 in 2022, according to the study. Over 28% of those polled expect it will remain below $100,000, while just 6% believe it will exceed $250,000.

Bitcoin's price in 2022The price of bitcoin in 2022 (Source: CoinList)

The ambitious Bitcoin intentions of El Salvador have prompted many to wonder what influence establishing a cryptocurrency as legal cash will have on other nations. More than 87 percent of those polled believe that other central banks will follow El Salvador’s lead and recognize digital assets as legal cash. Only 12.7 percent think this is a far-fetched concept that would never catch on.

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